These are the tools and equipment that we will always hava available as they are owned by our Library:
  • Two 3D printers and a computer
  • Three Arduino microcontrollers
  • a Little Bits set and a Litle Bits Arduino pack
  • Materials for e-textile projects, such as conductive thread and small, sewable microcontrollers
  • Two small pencil soldering irons and "learn to solder" pins
  • a Lego Mindstorm set and expansion pack
  • 2 Snap Circuits toy sets
  • Misc. electronics components, such as resistors, breadboards, and LEDs, to use either with the Arduinos or independently
  • One sewing machine
  • One Makey Makey
  • Bare Conductive paint
  • "Creativity Cans" (full of glue, construction paper bits, and other basic craft supplies for the kids)
  • Various hand tools 
  • Various craftng and hand-sewing materials
  • Safety equipment (e.g. safety glasses, ear plugs, fire extinguisher, etc.)

We have divided the tools and equiptment purchased as a part of the multi-library LSTA grant into four modules:
Printing/CNC Milling/Woodworking

Right now, we have the Printing/CNC Milling/Woodworking module. The module includes:

  • a Shapeko CNC machine
  • a rotery power tool (Dremel brand) w/accessory kit and work station
  • a cordless drill power tool w/bit set
  • a glue gun and various tapes and glues (e.g. masking tape, duct tape, spray on adhesive, wood glue, etc.)
  • various measuring tools (e.g a caliper measureing tool and tape measure)
  • spring clamps
  • various hand tools (e.g. hammer, saw and miter box, rubber mallet, pliers, wrenches, and screwdrivers)