The concern of the school board this year was the crowding of the elementary school. After much discussion a compromise was reached to begin Phase I which would add three kindergarten rooms between the Chester Byrnes building and the administrative offices with Phase II to finish three more across the hall from these.

Homecoming involved contests in Spirit week, Signs, and floats. Although the team was defeated by Milton, King Bob McFarlane and Queen Rina Peltier reigned over a gala event. The high school musical was "Sarsaparilla Please" and the drama club presented "Harvey." A Valentine dance featured the music of "Damsel."

Many sports teams had successful seasons. The girls' volleyball team won the division title and the girls' cross country team won regionals concluding one of their best seasons. The wrestling team continued their winning ways taking first place in the Conference Meet, regionals, sectionals, and the State Meet. Five individuals participated in the State Meet: Tim Whiting, Tom Larson, Paul Brehm, Brian Yahckek, and Tony Larson. Boys' Tennis won the conference with John Knopf and Rod Heckman as #1 doubles. The girls' track team was divisional and regional champs. State qualifiers for track were Steve Kordus, Lynn Markham, and Jim Mattioli. Individuals from the class were honored. Kelly Kayne earned her gold medal at the State Forensics Meet with a perfect score of 25. Dean Dingman was the top prep football prospect of Wisconsin and ranked fifth nationally. Tim Whiting was named to the state's All-Star WrestlingTeam for a tournament in Minnesota.

Over $15,000 in scholarships was awarded to the members of this senior class. The red rose and colors silver and blue were selected. Salutatorian honors went to Tim Paetsch and the valedictorian honors went to Sara Wilcox.




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