The Class of 1979

The Class of 1979s theme was the Alpha and the Omega, beginning and end. They dedicated Alpha-Omega (The yearbook) to Mrs. Bresler and Mr. Angelos.

Todd Pfister, Salutatorian
East Troy High School
In their senior year the school had additions put on. The school got a stage, a metals shop, an art room, a men's locker room, a wrestling gym, two science rooms, additional storage for drama, athletics, and physical education. The library, Guidance-Health rooms, and teachers' workroom were enlarged.

Happenings in the school from 1975-1979
  • 1975: Early Graduation Started
  • 1976: Girls' Basketball Started
  • 1976: Byrnes Building Was Put Into Use For the Buisness Classes
  • 1977: Boys' Varsity Basketball Team Won the Regional Championships
  • 1977: The All-Girl Chorus (Choisters) Began
  • 1977: The 9-Hour Day Started (Fall)
  • 1977: Remodeling of the School Started
  • 1977: FBLA (Future Buisness Leaders of America) Began
  • 1978: A Small Fire Broke Out While Remodeling
  • 1978: Boys' Varsity Basketball Team Won the Regional Championships
  • 1978: Toga Came Back to Life
  • 1978: Students Began Monitering the Halls (Fall)
  • 1978: Boys' Varsity Football Won the Southern Lakes Conference and Went to the State Playoffs

Bobbie Benjamin, Valedictorian
Donna Rodwell
Comencement Awards Recipient
Valedictorian: Bobbie Benjamin
Salutatorian: Todd Pfister
Sweethearts: Queen Julia Kristine Kisser
Fairy Tales (Homecoming): Queen Cheryl Willms
Fairy Tales (Homecoming): King Phil Chapman
Commencement Awards:
East Troy Women's Club: Donna Rodwell
East Troy Women's Service Club: Mary Malewicki
Little Prairie Memorial Award: Debbie Dalsasso
Ed Mangless Triangle Sportsmans Award: Sandy Grimm
Equality Co-op Agriculture: Bob Kniep
V.F.W. Award: John Rieglemann
Knights of Columbus: Barb Ladwig
Rachel Prell
Recipient of Music Scholarships
Kiwanis Club: John Riegleman, Donna
Trent Tube Division: Craig TeLindert
Lions Club: Renee Kelling
John Riegleman
Comencement Awards Recipient
Linden Terrace Award: Barb Ladwig
Chamber of Commerce: Martha
N.R.O.T.C. Scholarship: Mike Good
Student Council Award: Sandy Grimm,
Bobby Benjamin
Carrol College Academic and Athletic
Scholarship: Brian Jones
Lake Forest Scholarship: Todd Pfister
Coed Beauty College Scholarship: Jody
Lake Geneva Beauty Culture Academy:
Donita Ruetten
Summer Scholarship - UW Superior -
Music: Rachel Prell
UW - Whitewater Music Scholarship: Rachel Prell

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