The Class of 1974

The Postal system was encouraging the widespread use of the zip code throughout the year. The high school boasted a new football field. During the school year obsolete books, desks, and other equipment were sold for an amount of $1000. Energy conservation was the topic of the year by the school board. The school repurchased two acres of land from St. James Lodge, thereby connecting to Highway 15 (ES now). Throughout the year only boys' sports were reported in the local paper, but there were girls' sports of tennis and golf, and perhaps others unreported.

The year began with the All Band Show of 300 students in grades 5 - 12 participating. The title was The Sound of East Troy Band Music to correspond to the popular movie The Sound of Music. Seven high school students participated in the Fourth Annual Whitewater Choral Festival. Participants were Linda Prout, Christen Eliason, Nancy Buchs, Julie Link, Tom Barnes, Rod Thiel, and Bruce Berg. The featured international composer of the event was Jean Berger. Over one half the entries received top ratings in the spring solo-ensemble contest held in Waterford. Twenty senior varsity band members were recognized at the annual Band Concert/Art Display evening at the high school. The Sousa award honors were to Bonnie Schmidt, who added fine French horn sound to the band.

The Drama Club performed a series of one-act plays during the winter. Special recognition in the local paper was given to Ann Dettmering and Dan Degrave for their portrayals in the evening's entertainment. Spring marked the presentation of The Young and Fair with an all girl cast. The Student Council sponsored "Shamrocks Against Dystrophy," a nationwide campaign. The Debate Team consisted of Cindy Davis, Cindy Burki, Rob Bushey, Ingrid and Astrid Iverson, Patti Farrell, Christen Eliason, Lonna Schmidt and Sandy Trader. The FHA proposed "The Helping Hand Program" to the community. The purpose of this program is to give emergency assistance to children or adults through volunteer effort. The survey appeared in the newspaper, but there was no follow-up with the results of the survey.

The FFA under the leadership of its officers: Larry Lightfield, President; Dale Sjoerdama, Vice President; Greg Hardy, Treasurer; and Dick Atkinson, Secretary were busy in many events throughout the year. Some were as follows: State Fair, Southern Wisconsin Livestock Show, Tractor Operator Contest, Wisconsin Dairy Expo, Land Judging Contest, Blue Ribbon Pork Show, and planted 4000 trees from the DNR. Winner of the DeKalb Award was Larry Lightfield. The club fielded a basketball team, which continued the winning ways; every team for the past three years was undefeated.

The Forensics team had an excellent year. Twelve participated in the State Meet, and seven brought home gold medals. These seven were Dorae Annis, Declamation; Mary Reiheizer, Original Poems; Gary Buchelk and Mary Szmanda, Public Address; Julie Zelinski, Oration; Sandy Trader and Sue Tufts, Extemporaneous Speech.

The football team began the year with a win on their new field. Homecoming featured the usual events. The Queen candidates were Sherri Markham, Jan Schmidt, and Mary Brook. King Rick Greene crowned his Queen Jan Schmidt during the half time of the football game. Although the team did lose the game, the season was successful because finally after thirteen years Mukwonago was defeated by East Troy by a score of 20 - 16. Rick Greene ran 54 yards on the punt return to the 12-yard line, and he then scored what was the winning touchdown. Named to the Western Division All Conference Defensive team were Rick Greene and Dan Helmkamp. Honorable mention went to Dick Atkinson. Dick Atkinson, however, was named to the Prep All-American Football program. The nominations are based on the best record of local achievement in the area, sportsmanship, and leadership and service in the team and community.

These top four runners led the cross-country team: Ross Neumann, Rick Lackey, Greg Lehman, and Pete Kesselhon. They won a trophy at the Lake Mills Invitational. The basketball team had a difficult season. Generally, the leading scorer was among these young men: Jeff Tess, Pete Kesselhon, Jim Loftus, and Rick Gale. Jim Loftus was named to the first team Western Division South Lakes All Conference Basketball Team. The wrestling team boasted one senior member, Mike Muzatko at 138-pound weight class. Senior baseball players were Rick Gale, Rick Greene, Jim Loftus, and Rich Ohms, and senior track members were Marty Brown, Dale Sjoerdama, Ross Neumann, and Bob Enright.

The annual Athletic Banquet featured some prominent sports people of the era. The Toastmaster was Lionel Aldrich, a Green Bay Packer football player. He presented Rick Greene with the National W Club medal that is based on character, scholarship, and participation in sports. One of the speakers was Ben Peterson, the gold medal winner at the 198-pound weight class in the 1972 Olympics. The second speaker was speed skater, Dianne Holum who won bronze and silver medals at the 1968 Olympics and silver and gold medals at the 1972 Olympics. All presented inspirational speeches on the merits of work and sportsmanship both in sports and in all life's activities.

The senior class officers were President, Patti Norton; Treasurer, Art Healey; and Secretary Cathy Price. The class chose burgundy and white for their colors with the carnation as their flower. There were many awards to senior members; among them were the Fossum Scholarship to Janet TeLindert, U W Platteville scholarship to Larry Lightfield, and American Association of Industrial Engineers to Marty Brown. The local newspaper presented all of the seniors to the community with captions under their pictures of their plans for the summer and fall. The highest honors went to two students who participated in many activities within their four years. Salutatorian honors went to Rick Greene, and Valedictory honors went to Marlene Koehler.

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