The high school enrollment reached 447. There were many new faces among the teaching staff throughout the school system. A few of the new staff members were Roland Hanson, agriculture; Mrs. Jerry Knennealy, business; Ivan TeLindert, band; Bill Sternberg, English; and Robert Brobst, elem. Phy. Ed.

New band uniforms were purchased with great assistance from the Music Mothers. However, the Homecoming parade apparel was white shirts and dark slacks. The uniforms just arrived in time for the winter concert in January. The Homecoming King and Queen were Bob Atkinson and Toni Krubert. The senior class comedy this was "The Curious Savage" and the spring school musical was "The Ugly Duckling."

Sports news was very exciting this year. The girls had a tennis team, and from the newspaper articles this had to be at least the second season because returning players were Marcilla Wagie and Colleen Hopkins. Very few high schools provided any girls sports until the Seventies. Three wrestlers reached the finals of the Southern Lakes tournament, a first for East Troy. Fred Bresler was the champion at the 165 lbs. Weight class. Second placed finishers were Gary Price at 112 lbs. And Ernie Lancour at 145 lbs. Bresler and Lancour finished first and second respectively at the Regional Wrestling Tournament. The basketball team clinched first place in the Southern Lakes Conference on February 15 by defeating Whitewater in the final game. The team had 11 wins and 5 losses for the season. The team, coached by Jerry Kennealy, went on to win the Regional tourney over Elkhorn. The trophy was presented to Dennis Larson. Although the team was nosed out in the subsectionals by Salem 54-52, the Student Council sponsored a Champion Ball. The Queen was Renee Rose and Mr. Terrific was Roy Rhode.

Some new teaching methods were instituted in the English department by Ms. Jund, Miss Schroeder, and Mr. Sternberg. The three team-taught with two large group lecture sessions and three small discussion groups per week. Most of the students disliked the system, but the reasons given were really reflective of the attitude of disliking change. Many students of the class were honored scholastically. Four seniors were honored as Merit Scholars: Rebecca Pulliam, Gail Sexton, Marcia Finlayson, and Glen Rovig. Janice Kohnreceived a Certificate of Honors at entrance to University of California, Berkely. Rebecca Pulliam was a finalist in the Merit Scholarship and the Crucible Steel Merit Scholarship and recipient of the DAR award. Bruce Whitmore was the 1967 DeKalb Accomplishment winner in FFA. East Troy was represented on the Quiz Show on TV by Bob David, Tom Williams, Glen Rovig, and Joe Schraeder.

The class valedictorian was Becky Pulliam and salutatorian was Susan Howard.


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