Class of 1948

The officers of the East Troy Alumni Association are planning for the 106th annual meeting to be held Saturday, June 6, 1998. There are a few changes: the meeting will be held at the high school this year rather than the middle school, and the times are changed to 6 p.m. social hour with the meeting beginning at 7 p.m. The graduating class of 1948 has requested a Tour of the Schools which will be conducted at 1 p.m. that Saturday afternoon. Any graduate interested in the tour may join them. They will meet at the high school parking lot for this tour.
Last year’s turnout was an increase over previous years, and it is hoped that this year there will be even a greater attendance. A video presentation is planned featuring some anniversary class highlights from ‘28-’88. If you are a member of any anniversary class and have some photos or momentos you would like to have included in the video, please send them to Janice Stubbs, 3237 Douglas Ave., East Troy. These will be returned.
If there are any suggestions for improvements to the event, please contact Mary Paetsch, 614 E. Main St., Waterford, 53185.
The most upsetting news of the entire year would be the three fires which occurred Saturday, March 13; Monday, March22; and Thursday March 25. The first fire began in the 3rd floor, but the Monday fire occurred in the basement where a dancing class was being held. The custodian Doug Thomas successfully escorted the class out of the building. The remainder of the school year was rather chaotic. Volunteer mothers assisted in the clean-up of the basement area where all of the canned jars of food had exploded. Grade school classes were held in other locations; one being the Legion Hall. The high school classes were held in different areas depending upon the renovation process.
The month of March held other surprises also with a huge storm with school closing at noon. Coach Joe Spicuzza led his basketball with the strong conference competition once again being the Rochester Aggies and the Waterford Wolverines. Top scorers in these two important games were Verick and Kilpin with East Troy coming out on top.
The Snow Ball, sponsored by the FHA, was February's leading event. Thirty students joined the newly formed forensic association. Some members and their specialties were as follows: Margy Kyle, In Rebecca's Room, Grace Palenchus, The Waltz, Anna May Manley, China Blue Eyes, Audrey Alexander,The Buderery Giant. Seventeen students represented East Troy in the Mass Chorus. Miss Welch directed the senior class play of Where's Laurie? Laurie was played by Pat O'Leary. The band and chorus were directed by Mr. Kanaskie, and the spring band concert featured musical pieces written by Wisconsin composers since this was the Centennial of the state of Wisconsin. A cornet quartet featured James Vahey, Bill Christianson, Dorinda Cronk, and Muriel Smith.
The Hi-Inklings was the school news printed in the East Troy News. The editors were Marjorie Kyle and Esther Stevens. One specialty area was the Knicks and Knocks telling all the "news" of the school. A student never knew when he/she might be included in this area.
As the year drew to a close the senior class became busy with the "end of the year" agenda. On the class trip to Chicago, Pat O'Leary, Margy Kyle, and Joyce Palenchus recognized Cornelia Otis Skinner in the waiting room of the airport. They happily obtained her autograph. Mr. Lacey treated the senior class to the annual Elkhorn trip to the courthouse. Pat led a cheer for Mr. Lacey and his annual trip. The Class will was published. A few choice items were willed:
Nancy Koppein willed her ability to crack gum in shorthand class to Virginia Tans.
Jerry Radmer's little mustache was willed to Bill Hough.
Jim Cash willed his height to Art Verick.
Sam Grubb's good looks went to Bob Walters
And Mary Welch willed her desk by the window to Rose Marie Friemoth.
Compared to the previous class numbering fifty students, this class had only twenty-seven graduates. One veteran, Thomas King, also graduated with the class. The chosen motto was "The Atom is Small, Too"; the colors were blue and white, and the flower was the carnation. The Validictory was given by Janess Rieck and the Salutatory was presented by Marjorie Kyle.
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