Class of 1938

School began during an exceedingly hot week with 120 high school students in attendance. The senior class numbered 25 with two students, Marian Brooks (O’Leary) and Laura Ludtke, from the class of ’27 takeing some post graduate work at ETHS. The officers for this year were Virgil (Stubb) Whitmore, Pres., Robert Crosswaite, Vice-President, and Lawrence Lawlor, Sec. And Treas. Twelve seniors were enrolled in the English course, eight in the Commercial course, and five in the French course. On Fridays the senior history class studies literary society topic from the Literary Digest. In the Commercial area Beulah Klett led in timed tests for shorthand most of the year. She tied for first place in the shorthand district contest with a dictation of 80 wpm and typed 56 wpm to entitle Beulah a berth in the state contest.

The Girls Glee Club and Campfire Girls were very active organizations for the young women. Officers for the Glee Club were Florence Zinn and Lorraine Schwartz. The Boys Glee Club was begun with meetings on Wednesday evenings. A few members were James Keats, Kenneth Mitchell, and LaMar Wood. Other clubs were the Society of Young Americans (equivalent to today’s Student Council), a Health Committee, and a Program Committee. Paper litter was a large concern to the Society; it seemed as though the Sophomores needed to cooperate more in this campaign. Many of the programs offered at assemblies emphasized the importance of becoming a good citizen. The band was very involved practicing for the State Band Tournament in Waupan; one selection was Entirenteet Valve. A debate team was formed, and English IV students studied orations by famous historical characters and prepared and gave their own orations as though they were one of these historical characters. A few were Don Healy, Question of Slavery; Howard Brooks, The National Bank;, and Beulah Klett, Why I Joined the South in Her War for Independence.

The football team of 25 young men defeated West Bend in their opener through the defense of Don Healy and the Holick brothers. Wood led the offense. The cheerleader was Francis Maier, and Beulah Klett (Woline) led the singing at the pep rallies. Invitations were sent to the alumni for the Homecoming parade, game, and dance at the Woodman Hall.

The Senior Class Play “The Path Across the Hill” was held at the Grand theater and directed by Clare Johnson. Leads were Lawrence Lawlor, Don Healy, and Clair Springer. A.H. Deist was responsible for the wonderful lighting. The twenty-four seniors graduated May 31st. Valedictorian Marie Hopkins and Salutatorian Beulah Klett gave inspirational speeches. The class chose “Soaring upward” as their motto, cardinal and white as their colors, and the Forget-me-not as the flower.

New teaching positions were formed, and Allie Schwartz was named head of the Mathematics Department. Miss Quinlan was hired as the 7th and 8th grade teacher. The music departments throughout the school had a very successful and busy year. Mr. Mear, the band director of both East Troy and Whitewater, had the band membership increase to fifty-six, but there were only 45 uniforms available for the tournament competition. New Leeds drums were purchased for the band. Mr. Mear’s two bands were the only ones competing higher than level C and D at the regional band contest in Whitewater. East Troy learned firsts in parade and sight-reading and second in concert. There were sixteen firsts awarded in the vocal and instrumental solo and ensemble contest. The local concert was held at the Grand Theater to a full house. Even the graded school students under the musical direction of Tek Rohleder performed the operetta “The Magic Fiddle” with the
Harlequin portrayed by Bob Linde.

The high school students won the first place award for the sale of Christmas Seals, and every student would receive a free chest exam during the following summer. Joan Neal was chosen for the DAR award this year, and Leslie Linde and Boyd Henry vied for top typing awards throughout the year. The East Troy News had good high school coverage via the Hi-Inklings with editor Nancy Dickerman.

The senior class play was “Growing Pains” under the direction of Florence Zinn. The boys’ athletic banquet was held at Norris Farm this year. A coach from Marquette was the inspirational speaker. There were a record number of graduates, thirty-three, who chose the graduation theme of “Youth Faces the Future”, colors of gold and blue, and flower gardenia. Bruce Karnath was valedictorian with an average of 95.72, and the salutatorian was Nancy Dickerman.

The graduation ceremony was held in the Grand Theatre with guest speaker Dr. Ganfield from Carroll College and guest singer Mrs. Stillwell Meany.Eleanor Tober read the treatise Don't Blame Us for Looking so Wise.The salutatory speech was presented by Gertrude Koehn and the valedictorian honors were to Florrence Zinn.

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