Class of 1949
The school building began with a fresh appearance because of the renovation of the old building after the series of spring fires at the school. It was mentioned that the classrooms were all sprayed with DDT. The book rentals had to be raised to $4.00 for the year. There were 144 high school students. Driver's Education was again offered. The school inspection by the state indicated that East Troy had a well-balanced program, but it was suggested that a four-year agricultural program be incorporated into the curriculum.

Continuing with the tradition of community support, Victor Scheidler lent the students of the high school a television set so that they were witnesses to the first televised inauguration of a President and to the seven-mile parade prior to the event. Harry S. Truman was elected although the social studies classes' mock election claimed Dewey as President.

Hi Inklings reported the school news in the East Troy News. Co-editors were Esther Stevens and Faye Chapman. A senior Home Economics class was added and the FHA elected Jean Key as President. It was a very active club throughout the year. Ten members of the band attended the Mass Band. In forensics A's were awarded at the Racine competition to Bill Wagner, Grace Palenchus, Josephine Williams, Kathleen Connell, Audrey Recknagel, and Jo Anne Gaskell. Josephine Williams qualified in Palmyra to participate in the State Contest. The band director E. T. Kanaskie developed a twirling group for the band. The Christmas program presented 'Twas the Night Before Christmas and the Songs of Christmas. A trio of Bill Christansen, Jim Kilpin, and Kurt Crubaugh sung followed with solos by Bill Hough, Grace Palenchus, and Jim Kilpin. Catherine Spaight, Veronica Spaight, and Beverly Curran drew the scenery for the huge production. The class play Life of the Party was directed by Rose Marie Welch and presented on April 1. Beverly Benedict, Pat Voight, Audrey Recknagel, Marlene Smith, Jim Kilpin, and Dick Lackey were among the performers.

This was the year of successful sports seasons. The football team, although only 27 "strong", began their season with a win over Wilmot, ending the jinx. Some of the team members were as follows: Ends, Metzke and Clancy; Tackles, Ludwig and Ritchey; Guards, Hough and Zinnike; Center, Lackey; Quarterback, Kilpin; Halfbacks, Verick and Gale; Fullback , Stahl. However, the Game of the Season was the 26-20 victory over the Rochester Aggies.

The Homecoming was a one-day event beginning with a 12:30 Pep rally followed by a parade around the Square. The game against Mukwonago began at 3 p.m. and ended with a victory 19-6. The dance, a jubilant affair, began at 9 p.m. and the first Homecoming Queen was crowned: Veryl Little.

The remainder of the football season was very successful, and East Troy reigned as Co-Champions of the conference with Union Grove. At the football awards' evening each member was given a small gold football engraved with co-champion.

The cheerleaders had a new look for basketball season with outfits sewn by them. The outfit features black slacks and jerkin with a yellow blouse. The squad was Bev Curran, Dorothy Wagner, Jean Key, and Jean Sawyer.

The basketball team began their season with a win over Union Grove 46-33 and continued their winning ways to become the Conference Champions. The Tournament was held in East Troy and the team won the tournament with the nineteenth win in a row. The top scorers of the tournament were Frank Metzke, Jim Kilpin, and Art Verick. However, the team lost the District Contest to Lake Mills 57-49.

At the conclusion of the basketball season both the members of the football team and the basketball team were banquet guests of the Lions Club. The Troy Dinette also feted the basketball players with a very wonderful meal.

A new sport of volleyball was begun with the team competing in the State High School Tournament. There were eleven members of the team who won twelve straight matches.

The senior class took a two-day Chicago class trip. They stayed at the Palmer House, shopped, attended a White Sox game, and saw Finnigan's Rainbow.

Thirty-six students graduated with the chosen colors of Yellow and White with a Yellow Rose. Their motto was To Strive, to see, to find and not to yield. The Salutatory honors went to Dick Lackey and the Valedictory honors went to Esther Stevens.

Beverly Curran-Lackey is looking for people from the class of 1949 to give ideas about the 50th reunion. She would like it somewhere else than at the high school. That's all the information stated at this point.

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