Nutrition Mission
A WebQuest For Healthy Eating Habits
  Adapted for Mrs. Owsley -F/CE


Ernie and Bertha have "secret crushes" on one another.  However, Ernie is insecure and sensitive about his weight and appearance.  He doesn't think Bertha will ever be attracted to him until he loses weight.  Little does he know that Bertha is thinking the same thing.

Your mission is to help Ernie learn about eating the correct foods so he can "win" Bertha's affection.  All of his life, Ernie has only eaten junk food for snacks and fast food for meals.  He has ignored the foods that would help him be a thinner, stronger, healthier, and a "more attractive" person.  Your mission is to educate Ernie about the following: The MyPlate Food Guide, daily allowances, fast food or fat food, and obesity. You will then help Ernie by creating a healthy meal plan for his first date with Bertha including breakfast, lunch, and dinner. When you  accomplish this mission, you will help Ernie become healthier and a much happier person.  You can make his dream date come true.  When you  are ready to accept the Nutrition Mission continue on to the Task portion of this webquest.



Help Ernie capture Bertha's heart through Healthy Eating Habits. 

At the end of this webquest, you will be able to do the following things:
1) Understand and  be able to interpret the MyPlate Food Guide and how it relates to food labels.
2) Know what the recommended daily allowances are and how they should apply to food portions and eating habits.
3) Know how to distinguish fat foods from healthy foods and make healthy choices at fast food restaurants.
4) Locate healthy recipes on the internet and know how to create recipe cards for a healthy Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snack item.
5) Understand how to create a food chart and use the internet to calculate the calories and nutritional value of the foods you have eaten.


If you find it hard to keep track of several things at once you might want to print out the WEBQUEST CHECKLIST  to help you.

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Now that you have accepted the mission, the first thing you need to do is find out some background information on Ernie before he asks Bertha on their first date.  Just moments ago the following conversation was secretly overheard  between Ernie and his best friend. 

Ernie: "I'm going  to ask Bertha out on a date. I think I'll take her to McDonalds, Arby's, Taco Bell or somewhere quick.  That way we can make it to a late movie and share a giant extra butter popcorn and Super Slurpy combo."
Ernie's Best Friend: "I thought you were suppose to follow that MyPlate thing?  Don't you want to impress Bertha with a healthy lifestyle?"
Ernie: "Sure, but they have healthy pyramid looking food at Taco Bell. I'm going to call Bertha right now and ask her out."

Arrange a secret meeting with Ernie - before he asks Bertha out to eat - and explain what the food pyramid is and how to use it to eat healthier meals and snacks.  To do this you will have to gather some information yourself fast. You had better hurry....Ernie's about to dial the phone, and he doesn't yet have a clue! WORKSHEETS

Task 1: Use the ChooseMyPlate site to fill in this MyPlate INFORMATION SHEET  so you can give Ernie accurate facts.  When you have completed the Information Sheet hand it in to Mrs. Owsley.

Task 2: Help Ernie understand how to use his newMyPlate knowledge when he grocery shops. You know at some point he'll want to cook for Bertha, and he'll definitely need to cook for himself. Run a copy of the INTERACTIVE LABEL WORKSHEET  .   Go to and use the information there to fill in the worksheet. That way you can explain food label importance to the "Big Guy".  Hand in the Label Worksheet when you are done.

Good job! I'm glad to hear that you made it to Ernie before he called Bertha. He needed to understand the food pyramid and how to use it at the grocery store.  However, I don't think he quite understands the concept of recommended daily allowances of foods, especially fats.  This can be a problem. Eating too much of a good thing isn't healthy either.

So go on to your 2nd mission.



Explain to Ernie what the recommended daily allowances are and how he should apply them to his eating habits.  Make sure to explain serving size. Ernie tends to think a serving of pizza is a whole 16 inch pie!

Task 1: Use the information found on the DAILY RECOMMENDED ALLOWANCES INFORMATION SHEET  to fill in the DAILY RECOMMENDED ALLOWANCES WORKSHEET .   This will give you the facts to help Ernie understand what size serving a person is supposed to eat.  Hand in the  Worksheet when you are done.

Task 2: Ernie still seems to be struggling with the recommended allowance idea.  I think he needs more help.  Make a chart for Ernie which will help him picture serving sizes. He may need to post it on his fridge until he gets the hang of this serving size stuff. Use the following site and the MAKING SENSE OF SERVING SIZE CHART  to accomplish this task.  Hand in the Chart when you are done.

Glad to hear from you once again. Sorry to hear you are having trouble explaining how Ernie can keep track of everything all the time.  It is a difficult task to constantly remember what you have eaten, what amount you are supposed to eat and how many calories you have taken in for the day.  How's a guy to remember all of that.  Ernie is frustrated! One suggestion you might make to Ernie is for him to keep a food journal. This might help him get it all straight. 

 Go on to the next mission.
    We were just informed that Ernie is hungry and wants food now! 
   Good luck!




Invite Ernie out to dinner and let him choose the restaurant.  In fact, encourage him to go for fast food since you know it's his favorite..  Tell him he can choose Arby's,  Burger King,  Hardee's, KFC, McDonald's, Papa John's, Pizza Hut, Subway, Taco Bell or Wendy's.

Once you are there, let him order anything he wants.  After he is finished take him to the following website  to check out his choices.   Fill out the top chart on the FAST FOODS NUTRITION FACTS WORKSHEET using the website.    Let him find the foods he ordered and calculate how much fat, protein, fiber, and calories he received in his meal.  Hand in the Worksheet when you are done.

After you have done that, show him that he can eat at those restaurants, but he needs to be making healthier choices. Fill out the bottom chart of the worksheet with healthy choices from that restaurant.

Nice work! I think you have Ernie going down the right road to eating a well balanced diet and becoming more fit for his date with Bertha.  However, you are still not finished with the task.

Mission 4 awaits.




Ernie seems to be getting the idea, especially after your fast food outing. Now you want to make sure that he can eat healthy at home as well. Explain to Ernie that keeping track of what you eat can help you control your eating. Print out the FOOD CHART from the shared directory and fill it in for yourself as a sample for Ernie. Show him the healthy eating FOOD CHART that you created, and demonstrate how to use the nutrition calculators on the following site to analyze what you have eaten. Ernie will be impressed with your technological skills, as well as, your awesome eating habits. Be careful not to brag too much though. You don't want him to be too jealous.

Task: Go to and scroll to the bottom of the page. Open the Directions for Pyramid Tracker Site .  Use the directions to calculate the information needed for your FOOD CHART.   Hand in the Chart when you are done.  Ernie will really be able to use this information.  When you explain how this stuff works he'll be really pleased.  Good Job!

Go on to mission V.





Your task is almost complete.  You only have one thing left to do.  Now that you have taught Ernie how to read the food pyramid, what the recommended daily allowances are, how he should apply them to his eating habits, how to read a restaurant food chart, and decide what foods are healthy choices, you can now help him find some healthy recipes to keep him on track. After all, it's hard work becoming a health-conscious chef for Bertha. He may not have time to find healthy recipes on his own.  He will need a recipe for breakfast, lunch, a snack and dinner; there are healthy recipes and food ideas at





Ernie will ask Bertha to attend one of the meals that he prepares using the recipes he has found. He would like it to be nice since he plans on letting her know about his true love feelings.  He's kind of nervous, so he wants to be prepared for any time of day that she can get together with him.

Task:  Use one of the sites above to choose healthy recipes Ernie could make for Bertha.  He needs one for Breakfast, one for Lunch, one for Dinner and one for a Snack. Choose recipe card 1, card 2, card 3, or card 4  to type or copy and paste the recipes onto. Then print out your cards and label them on the back as a breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack recipe. Place your name below the label.  Hand in the Cards when you are done.




It seems to me that you have made a huge impact on Ernie's life.  Just look at how happy and healthy the new couple appear. 

They lived happily ever after. 




Introduction Task Process Resources Evaluation Conclusion


Hopefully, by helping Ernie change his lifestyle, you learned more about the Food Guide Pyramid, how to use it, how to make healthier choices when dining out, and how to count calories and fat grams.

You should have accomplished the following objectives:

1.  Being able to use the food guide pyramid and food labels and identify the essential elements of them.

2.  You are able to find, list, and explain the Daily Allowances of foods according to the standards set by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

3.  You are able to explain which fast foods are healthy to eat and which ones are unhealthy.

4.You have located healthy recipes


Introduction Task Process Resources Evaluation Conclusion