East Troy High School-Wisconsin History

Becoming a boarding house

Four Mile Inn

On August 4th,  1869 when Peter Worthy and his family movie from England to Wisconsin they bought the Smith’s families Inn. In that time they changed it from a Stagecoach Inn to a Boarding house. They reason for this change what during this time they needed to transport solders home from fighting a faster and quicker way. So moving from the East to the West was the Railroad. It was a lot quicker and you could get to your destination faster. So Peter Worthy thought instead of going out of business he would change his idea. Which changed into a modern hotel, or boarding house. In 1870 when the railroad finally came through Wisconsin, the Four Mile Inn became a boarding house. Instead having people staying at the inn for only one night or just a meal, people were staying for months and even years. One family that stayed with the Worthy family for the first year of the boarding house, Mrs. Catherine Brooks and her daughter Ada.

Five years into owning the boarding house the Worthy Family sold the Four Mile House property to a local farmer.

Crossroads Village