East Troy High School-Wisconsin History

The Four Mile Stagecoach Inn was built in 1853, it was larger then the previous building that Mrs. Smith used. It was larger and closer to a hotel, with a Barroom, Ladies Parlor, Kitchen and dining facilities on the first level, Suites and individual rooms on the second floors, and the third-story meeting room


What is a Stagecoach?

A stagecoach is a horse drawn carriage, it was normally pulled by 4-6 horses. A stagecoach inn was either 20 miles apart or 10-15 depending on the land. This form of transportation was the fasts during this time period


First Level

On the first level of the Four Mile Inn there is a Ladies parlor. This room is used to write back to your friends and family back home. Also you could rest in there after a longdrive.

Another room on the first level was the Tap Room or Barroom. Unlike most Barís in this time the Four Mile Inn did not serve Alcohol. This is because Ranslow Smith was a temper and believed in the Temperance movement. So instead of having beer or hard liquor their was Lemonade, Red Scrub; which was made out of raspberry juice and vinegar. The Tap room would also have juices, coffee and tea.

In the Tap room in 1853-1870 women were not aloud to go in, unless they were cleaning at the end of the night. The reasoning behind that is because men would start talking about farming which would lead to taxes and that lead to talking about the government. And the men believed that women were not able to understand things like the government and should stick to the things that they were good at like the simple things in life; cooking, raising children, knitting and sewing.



When it was an Inn and even when it became a boarding house. The Four Mile Inn needed to have a big kitchen. The Stove was more of a modern style. Being a stagecoach inn they had to make sure that everything was kept cool, so the Four Mile Inn had an Ice box. During my experience at Old World Wisconsin in the Four Mile Inn I had to make pie crust because it was common for the families that stayed at the Inn to have pot pies.

Four Mile Inn

Crossroads Village