East Troy High School-Wisconsin History

Four Mile Inn









Ladies Parlor

The Four Mile Inn was built in 1853. It was named the Four Mile Inn because it was four miles away from Beaver Dam to Horicon. The Family that Built the Four Mile Inn was the Smith Family. Ranslow Smith was a Yankee and in 1846 his three brothers and their families also Ranslow’s wife and  family moved to the Town of Burnett, Dodge County, Wisconsin. Each brother owned a side of the crossroad. Before he built the Four Mile Inn he used his house as a stagecoach inn known as the Rolling Prairie House.


Buildings: Harmony Town Hall

Sanford House

Four Mile Inn– activity pie crust making

Benson House

Blacksmith Shop

Thomas General Store

St. Peter’s Church




Crossroads Village           

“Before the Union Pacific Railroad deeply penetrated the West in 1869, travelers to the West went by stagecoach. The journey from St. Louis to San Francisco required 25 days by coach. But few people had the stamina to travel continuously. (At that time, the trip by railroad from New York to St. Louis required only 2 Days.) The Typical stage coach was pulled by four to six horses, which were changed every ten miles.”