EastTroyAdvancedPlacementBiologyWeek of: 2/3


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Chapters 22-24

Cell Transformation

Evolution of Evolutionary Thought

Natural Selection

M - Final Questions 1-10, T-Lab Quiz, Natural Selection

T - Final Questions 11-20, Concepts of Speciation, Article Discussion (T,I&NS), READ HW Lab !!

W - Q 21-30 HW Lab - Working, Editable File Due By Friday !!, Knowledge / Comperehension Questions 1-6, p 487

R - Q 31-40, Final Speciation Concepts, HW Lab, HW Calculations

F - Ch 22-24 Quiz - Be able to manipulate your simulation!!

  Online Quiz Due Monday Morning, 2/10

Evolutionary Thought Key Terms

HW Lab Excel Sheet

Testosterone, Immunity, and Natural Selection Article

Equilibrium Concept


AP Lab 6 Transformation

Hardy-Weinberg Lab

HW Lab Questions