EastTroyAdvancedPlacementBiologyWeek of:3/12


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Intro to Animals

Cardiovascular Intro

Gas Exchange


Explain material exchange in circulatory systems based on water potential!!!

Homeostatic Control in Animals

Cardiovascular Comparisons

Cardiovascular Control Mechanisms

M -  Intro to CV system, Choose and read

T -  Article Comparisons, Blood Flow Comparisons, Through Slide 16 memorized!! by Thur

W -  Gas Exchange Comparisons

R -  The Beautiful Heart, Check out Thursday Reading Assignment

F - CV Regulation - hormonal, CV Lab

  Life Inside a Capillary

Beautiful Hemoglobin

Thursday in class with partner



Thursday Reading Assignment

Stress, HPA and CVD

Cigarette Smoke and CVD

Sitting on your butt and your health

CVD in women

One more time: The p of Exercise and genetic health

Reading  Scientific Papers

Cardiovascular Terms

Cardiovascular Lab