EastTroyAdvancedPlacementBiologyWeek of:3/03


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Intro to Animals


CV is Great

Homeostatic Control in Animals

Metabolic Control

Androgen Control

M - Graves Disease Wrap-up, Tissue Wrap-up, Through slide 25.

 Homeostatic Control, Feedback mechanisms (presentation) and Hormones of the HPA axis (look up)

T - Antagonistic Hormones: Insulin vs. Glucagon, Parathyroid H vs. Calcatonin

W - Quiz - Feedback Mechanisms, Androgen Control

R - CV Control, Read Sections 42.1-42.2, Be prepared to answer concept Checks

F -

Feedback Thursday in Class

Weekend Quiz Due 3/10 AM

Endocrine Concepts


A question

CV Lab