East Troy Community STEAM Expo 2017
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East Troy STEAM Expo November 4, 2017, 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM at East Troy High School.  

Join us for a new movement fueled by inspiration and imagination. Encounter innovative hands-on activities, demonstrations and learn about ideas that will enthuse and stimulate your mind. Discover technologies and products in Science, Technology, Engineering, Agriculture, Art and Math (STEAM).  Browse through the exhibits, investigate new ideas, participate in the many hands-on activities.  Try out a 3D pen, see how 3D printers work, drive a robot, learn about circuitry and aerodynamics, create a bridge design, learn about the science of color, make a kaleidoscope, make a kite and more!
11:00 am - Science teacher, author and presenter Larry Scheckel, will perform an audience interactive show about science as a worthy human pursuit and how it is just plain fun.  Larry’s presentation is an exciting science program with much audience participation. Learn about flying things with Bernoulli’s Principle, how a curve ball works, coffee cups that fly, and a levitated beach ball. Newton’s Laws will be demonstrated by the terrific tablecloth pull, egg on the head, the Alka Selzer CO2 rocket, and disappearing stack of blocks. Skewer a balloon, the seat of nails, reaction time, talk on a laser beam, the electric pickle, laser brain detector, and the science of magic are all part of the program. An entertaining and engrossing hour of science demonstrations with frequent student volunteers.
10:00 am and 1:00 pm -
2:00 pm - Erica Chappelear from the School of Architecture and Urban Planning at UW-Milwaukee will be joining us. "For some people, drawing can be intimidating and this workshop demonstrates that drawing is not something to be feared, but rather used in exploration. We will explore creating rhythm and pattern. We will then look at several floor plans that exemplify order and chaos and create models from these plans." (Elementary students are okay with an adult)