AP Calculus


Mr. John Busch



90 - 100           A

80 - 89             B

70 - 79             C

60 - 69             D

00 - 59             F


A typical day might start out by answering questions on the previous day's assignment.  On random days,

I will look at your homework.  Next, we will learn the next day's lesson, and finally start the next day's assignment.


Quarter Grade:                                                                        Semester Grade:

Homework-                 20%                                         1st Quarter Grade-      40%

Tests-                           80%                                         2nd Quarter Grade-    40%

                                                                                                                        Final Exam-                 20%




The homework part of the grade is optional.  If homework is complete, then the student will do well on the

homework portion of their grade.


Missed tests must be made up as soon as humanly possible.  IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO MAKE



AP Calculus is a very rigorous class where the student must work hard to keep abreast of the material to be learned.


Students opting out of taking the AP Exam will be given a rather substantial project worth one test grade.

The project will be designed to give each student the opportunity for an equivalent amount of educational

benefit as the students preparing for and taking the 5 hour AP Exam.